A101 Urban Block – MOSKVA

Naziv:A101 Urban Block – MOSKVA
Lokacija: MOSKVA
Tip projeta: Konkurs
Status: Idejni projekat
Tim: Nikola Martinovic>Dejana Radisic>Medjo Ksenija>Horvat Đurđica>Stevanović Milan>Tubić Mladen>Aleksić Srdjan
The basic concept in designing urban block A101 near Moscow is the use of Module in the formation of a network of public/residential spaces, their relationships and connections.
The dimension of Module is 12x12m. By varying its positioning it is possible to form all 4 types of block. As a result, objects of a unique character are formed within the whole.
In accordance with current design trends based on time and the unexpected changes that it brings (time-based architecture), as well as dynamic technological development and the spatial needs of users, flexibility and multifunctionality are at the core of the project.