ORGANIC SOCIALISM – Väike-Õismäe – Tallinn

Name: ORGANIC SOCIALISM, reconstruction of urban block  Väike-Õismäe
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Project type: Competition
Status: General design
Team: Nikola Martinovic>Milan Stevanovic>Robert Hitenberger

Perpetuum mobile ? Sustaniable opereting sistem ? Productive sociaity ? block microsystem ?Sense of community ? Space multivalency ? Private socialism ? Organic humanism ? Communications complexity ? Contribution to the community ? Humanization of work ? Urban agriculture ? Closing circle farm ?

Problem of socialist urbanism doesn’t lie in the quality of its elements. They are logical and thought-out. The problem is that all its potential stops at certain point. Working as a creative activity is a fundamental human need  to change their environment and their nature. A man realizes his human nature only in community with others. Modern society, based on technological development, which requires higher partition of labor and stronger organization of all forms of social life and activities, carries the danger of dehumanization and depersonalization. A man doesn´t reflect but he experiences his environment. Creating a feeling of contribution to the community by implementing work into the community leads to sustainable society.