White Pages, Budimpešta

Naziv: White Pages European headquarters Budapest
Lokacija: Budapest, Hungary
Tip projekta: Reconstruction
Status: Realizovan 2013/2014
Architect: Nikola Martinovic
Team: Stevanović Milan>Robert Hitenberger

WhitePages is a team of professional and insightful thinkers endeavoring to be effective strategic problem solvers. Therfore design should follow that vision, to help and to assist in the company development.


1-      Bring in panoramic view of Budapest. Interior elements should not disturb the view. Location itself represents WhitePages position in the online world

2-      Vibrant and pleasant environment, both for working and leisure. It represents creative and forward thinking people

3-      Comfortable working space
encourages team work as a key element for success


Dominant tree motive inside the space represent three part of the process:
1. Roots – which represent development and basic support for the final product
2. Trunk and ground level – which represent maintenance and deployment of the whole system
3. Treetop– which represent final product. On the treetop final product is leaf, fruit or flower. How beautiful, colorful and simple they are is part of the marketing and final result from all three stages.